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Steve Masley

Steve Masley Photography

Redwood City, CA


Steve is a life-long plant lover, and has been an avid organic gardener in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1985. Inspired by Rosalind Creasy, he creates beautiful organic gardens that combine edible plants with ornamentals. The garden is his canvas, the camera his brush.

"Since the garden is always changing, I honed my photography skills so I could enjoy the gardens' bounty even after the harvest. These galleries contain my best garden photos."–Steve Masley

These photos are stunning in the kitchen, dining room, or outdoor dining area. The foliar shots can be a soothing green addition to a home office. For many of these photos, if you use a frame that looks like your window casings, and skip the mat, you'll feel like you added a window!

Note: Steve is an old-school photographer. None of these photos have been retouched, altered or enhanced in any way, except for cropping and scaling.


Tomato Temple 2




Salad Greens


Santoro Lettuce 2


Alma Peppers


Ripe Alma Peppers


Santoro Lettuce


Bulgarian Carrot Peppers Square


Sweet Cluster Tomatoes


Berkeley Blueberries


Lemon Gem Marigolds


Red Express Cabbage


Rainbow Chard


Tomatoes Growing On Trellis


Santoro Lettuce with Dill


Musica Green Beans


Playful Lettuce in Salad Tray


Sweet Cluster Tomato Spiral


Garden Babies Lettuce




McKana's Giant Columbine


Green Cabbage


Green Beans Dancing on a Trellis


Summer Pastels Achillea


Sweet Cluster Tomato Spiral 2